Tonearm 9 inch SME Mount


JS-TA224 9″ Static Balance, Carbon Fiber Tonearm

Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 16mm

Pivot to spindle distance: 224mm

Offset angle: 22.2 degrees

Null points: 62.41mm, 118.95mm

Tracking Distortion <=0.7%

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Scientific tracking algorithm optimization

JS-TA224 9″ tonearm has excellent tracking performance, tracking distortion <=0.7%

Scientific material selection and precision CNC

TA224 adopts carbon fiber arm tube and shock absorber coupling material. Reasonable material selection improves the resonance absorption performance of TA 224 tonearm.  Accurate, meticulous and precise processing technology helps TA 224 achieve the excellent design target.