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Record Research Lab (Mofi)



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Keep Your Vinyl LPs in Pristine Condition with Mofi Lab-Super Record Wash: One-Step Cleaning Fluid Is Made for Record-Cleaning Machines and Manual Systems Used by analog lovers the world over, Lab-Super Record Wash record-cleaning fluid delivers powerful cleaning and remains perfectly safe for all record surfaces. It is the industry-standard one-step record cleaning fluid for use with any record cleaning machine or manual hand-cleaning system.

The alcohol-free fluid incorporates non-toxic, natural degreasers and dirt solvents in combination with a quadruple-distilled, hyper-pure water base. Lab Super Record Wash will keep your records sounding quiet and looking great. While Super Record Wash may not spread out over your LP surface like other record-cleaning solutions, its high-surface-tension water composition is exactly what you want in a solution.

30 op voorraad

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