Fozgo meter


The Fozgometer is an Azimuth Range Finder for adjusting cartridges in turntables. It is a small portable battery-powered unit that is used in conjunction with a test record.

Introducing our Fozgometer V2 azimuth range meter, the unique tool to optimize your phono cartridge azimuth for the best sound from your HiFi system.

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Fozgo meter

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The new V2 model features higher sensitivity, greater accuracy, a new Analog meter, and the option to use an outboard power supply, as well as a 9v battery.

Phono cartridge azimuth is a key parameter for getting the best stereo imaging and sound staging. To achieve the best performance, your phono cartridge’s azimuth must be calibrated. Today’s Line Contact and Micro Line styli have a very small groove contact area as compared to elliptical styli, thus requiring finer adjustment. Correct azimuth alignment assures the highest channel separation and best channel balance, providing outstanding sound and imaging from your stereo record collection.

Prior to the Fozgometer, one had to “eyeball” or use an oscilloscope, AC voltmeter, or computer program, methods that can be complex and time-consuming. The original Fozgometer was introduced in 2010 with almost 5,000 sold worldwide. The new V2 continues the tradition of Musical Surroundings providing the best of everything analog since 1991.

Fozgometer V2 improvements

  • Higher Sensitivity
  • Greater Accuracy
  • New Analog Meter
  • Battery or AC Powered

Please note: All Fozgometers come precalibrated from the factory.